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A Tale of Two Snowfalls, in Chicken Soup for the Soul Oh Canada, 2011

There have been two Valentine’s Day snowstorms since I’ve lived in Vancouver. The first was when my husband and I had just started dating. The second was about five years later when we were newly married. These are the only two times when we have had plans to go out to dinner for the occasion and both times, our plans did not at all go as we had anticipated. You’ll have to read the story to find out what did happen.

Copping a Feel at the Beauty Parlour, in Hip Mama issue #47, 2011

This is a story about a rather unusual breastfeeding incident that did not go at all how I expected. I sent it to Hip Mama beacause I have very fond memories of reading The Hip Mama’s Survival Guide by Ariel Gore while my daughter took a very very long nap. It was the most “real” parenting book I ever came across. I feel very proud to have been able to contribute to their publishing endeavours.

How it Began, in Robot Hearts (publication expected Spring 2010)

How it Began is about how my husband and I dated on-line in 1991. Did you even know there was an internet back then? Well there wasn’t, not the way we know it today anyway. The story is about the convoluted way we communicated via computer while he was away doing his master’s at Cornell University. We got married a few months after he came back. Robot Hearts is an anthology of on-line dating stories published by Pinchback Press.

Boho Skirt in Craft Challenge:Scarves, 2010
My original skirt design (with instructions and construction diagrams) made using two long decorative scarves appears in this  publication by Lark Press. I am so pleased with how the skirt turned out. It looks stunning in the book and is lots of fun to wear.

atc_logoPencil It In in ATC Quarterly, Winter 2010

It Starts With A Pencil is one of my ongoing mailart projects. I’ve been starting off artist trading cards with an image of a pencil and sending them to artists around the world, asking them to add something to the card before sending it to a third person who will complete the card. An article about the project appears in this special interest magazine.

Lessons in Parenting in Chicken Soup for the Soul, What I Learned from the Cat, September 2009

When Kootenay came to live with us, my husband and I joked that we could practice our parenting skills on him. If we couldn’t even keep a cat alive, we’d know we wouldn’t be fit parents. At that time, we couldn’t have known that Kootenay would live with us for less than a year, and have many adventures in that time. We did learn A LOT about being parents from him though.

(Chicken Soup for the Soul books are popular anthologies containing true, uplifting stories.)

Canadian immigrant coverStill Giving Back in Canadian Immigrant magazine, December 2008

An article about Vancouver area resident Daughty Preena and her ongoing volunteer efforts to help a Sri Lankan village desimated by the 2004 tsunami.

(Canadian Immigrant Magazine is a free publication primarily distributed in Vancouver and Toronto)

Don’t Wear Clothes from the ’80’s (2007)

This is a book that I put together for a school fundraiser. I asked the grade four students to provide advice to their parents on a variety of topics. I took their handwritten notes and sorted, compiled, edited and made sense of them all while trying to keep as much of their original voices as possible. The result is hilarious, touching, embarrassing, insightful and more. I had a single copy professionally printed and bound. It was signed by all the contributors and auctioned for $3,000.

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