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Zines are small, usually photocopied homemade mini maga”zines”. They can be about pretty much anything. Here is a listing of some of the zines that I have made. Unless indicated, all the zines listed here are in print and are available for sale or trade. Contact me for details if you are interested.

Re:Me Series

This is my perzine (or personal zine) series. It contains stories, articles, musings, artwork, book reviews and whatever else I feel like including. I often include things that I have written for other purposes like other collaborative zine projects or publication. There are currently two issues available. (1/2 size)

reme1coverRe:Me:1: This issue was first released in November 2008 through “The Generic Zine Exchange”. Most of the zines that I received back from that exchange were more art and less writing. Mine was just the opposite and I’m not sure that it was a really good fit for that exchange. Oh well, it was my very first solo zine project and I had fun putting it together.

It contains a fairy tale like version of my life history; a true ghost story that my dad told me; a story about two Valentine’s day snow storms; a book review/rant about my life; and info about some of my other zines. This issue comes with a removable ATC (artist trading card) on the cover.

Re:Books:Me:2 This issue was originally assembled for a Swap-Bot exchange hosted by my friend Tanglecrafts. Her zines are truly fabulous, and if you want to treat yourself or some other lucky person, I’d highly recommend acquiring one or more.

As the name of this issue suggests it is loosely themed around books, as that was one of the swap requirements. It contains a story I wrote about my cat which is included in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book; a story about working in a library; two book reviews; ideas for book related crafts; a list of things I like – which includes books and more. This one also comes with a removable ATC on the cover.

Re:Art Series

My art zine series. Contains eye-candy, articles, how to’s, goodies and more. There are three issues available.

reart1Re:Art:Blockprinting: This issue has lots of ideas for using everyday household items to print on paper and fabric. It contains loads of examples, project ideas, with instructions, an envelope of sample pieces and lots more. There are a few slightly different versions of this issue, because I couldn’t quite make up my mind about what to include and what to leave out. The picture is of the original version, and is no longer in print, unless I find a stray copy lying around my studio. The newer version has green leaves printed on the cover. Most copies are 24 pages long, but a few that were included in a swap that had a longer page count requirement, contain a bonus “missing” 25th page. 1/2 sized with a hand printed cover.

Re:Art:What Art Mail? This issue just kept getting bigger and bigger. It is an exploration of the world of mailart. It contains art submissions and articles from mailartists from all over the world, as well as a few articles, art and “how to’s” by me. It includes a number of bonus bits including a corner “envelope” bookmark, an invitation to play a mailart game and fodder for your own mailart projects. Why does this copy look a bit beat up? The cover is made from an envelope, so that it becomes a self mailer and thus the zine itself becomes a piece of mailart. And yes, I did mail this copy to myself – the address and all are on the back. (1/2 size)

Re:Art:Prayer Flags I joined a prayer flag exchange in 2009, and ever since then I’ve been fascinated with these little banners. I’ve decided to host my own annual exchange, and have been giving them out as presents. I love the idea of spreading uplifting messages around the world.

Since not everyone knows what prayer flags are, I created this zine to accompany my gifts.

It introduces the concept of prayer flags, has some basic information about how to make your own prayer flag as well as information about on-line places to find inspiration.

It Starts With A Pencil

This series of of full colour mini zines is up to issue 6. Each one contains a selection of ATCs (artist trading cards) which were created for my “It Starts With A Pencil” mail art project. Everybody who contributes to the project will receive a copy of the issue which contains their card.

More Zines

envelopecoverThe Envelope This is a tale about an envelope I found in my house. It contained a rather odd letter and some old photographs. The first issue basically recreates these artifacts.

I have big plans to create a whole series around my quest for the person who left the envelope behind. I’ve been working on issue 2 for some time now. It will be a collection of entries from my old journals recounting any information that I have about the previous residents of my house, as I am sure that the envelope was left behind by someone who once lived in my house. (This is a work of fiction.)

Serendipi-TEA A full colour mini zine made from a single folded sheet of paper. This one is about a particular art technique called “serendipity”. Comes with a little baggie of artistic inspiration as well as instructions for using the contents to create a page of serendipity.

I first made this zine for a “tea” themed exchange, hence the name. The technique really does yield a artsy collage version of a beautifully blended tea. I just love how this theme echoes back and forth on so many levels. You may have noticed the graphic in this blog’s header is made using the “serendipity” technique.

whencoverWhen I was Another mini zine made from a single folded sheet of paper. This one is photocopied in black and white.

It contains some observations I’ve made over the years about being female. The cover is a Beardsley inspired block print that I carved from a large eraser. I use this print as my avatar in many of my online groups.

This zine was made in 2009 in honour of International Women’s Day.

Secrets A collaborative zine with entries contributed through a series of anonymous traveling journals that I circulated to other mail artists as well as a few submissions that were sent directly to me. It would seem that it is more difficult to share secrets than anticipated. Of the six journals I sent out, only one made it back to me. I made this zine to share with all the people who chose to divulge their secrets, and it does contain some interesting ones. (1/4 size – black and white)

She wanted to see the world and She was tired of roaming I’m really pleased with these two little gems. I started out with the format and they developed from there. Each contains a little story/poem/bit of prose. I don’t know what you would call it really. It is about the life condition described on the cover.

The pages alternate between full colour collage artwork and black and white text pages. Each of these can stand on its own, but the pair together form two sides of the coin. (mini zine size, but not standard ‘minizine’ format – ie. they are not folded down from a single sheet of paper.)

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