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Art and Design

Boho Skirt Construction Diagrams

These are the illustrations that I did to accompany my skirt design that was published in Craft Challenge: Scarves by Lark Press. The illustrations that appear in the book are essentially copies of these done in watercolour.

Corvidae ATCs

ATCs are miniature works of art that measure exactly 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches (the same size as sports and other trading cards). They are made and freely traded by artists from around the world. This set was published in The Raven Chronicles, Vol 14 No 2 in 2011. They took a rather circuitous route to get there. I had initally made them to trade at one of the Vancouver ATC group monthly sessions, but I misplaced them and made up another batch of cards with a different theme at the last minute. They eventually surfaced, and I sent them in on spec to The Raven Chronicles.  I didn’t hear back from them for a very long time – long after the anticipated publication date and I eventually traded all the cards. When they did contact me, they needed a high res copy of the paintings. I made up a replacement set – which I still have and will probably never trade.


Object Lesson

This is a collaborative project with mail artist Pengrafyx.

We wanted to see how people see things, so we chose a set of eight objects and printed images of them on cards.

We then asked people to randomly select one of the cards and to study the image for a short time before drawing the object that they saw, without looking at the image. We then created a record of what they drew.

It Starts With A Pencil…

…and where it goes next is up to you. I have started a series of artist trading cards (ATCs), all in the same way (with an image of a pencil on a plain white card). I am sending them out to artists from all over the world, who will add something to the card and send it to someone else to “finish”. I’ll post all the cards that come back to me here. This is an ongoing project started in 2009. Drop me a line if you think you’ll like to participate.

An article about this project appears in the Winter 2010 issue of ATC Quarterly.

What Art Mail?

Part of my artzine series. What Art Mail is all about mailart and is the result of the generosity of many talented mailartists from around the world who so willingly shared their ideas and their art. It contains a broad cross section of the various forms of mailart – ranging from artistamps and decorated envelopes to handmade postcards, artist trading cards, inchies, twinchies rinchies, an art doll and much more. It also includes an article about organizing a mailart exchange and another about Ray Johnson credited as being the “founding father of mailart”.

Mystery Envelope Challenge

What happens when you send 10 artists an envelope filled with a “stuff” and ask them to create art using only the materials in the envelope? That was the premise for this exchange. I divided the detritus that had accumulated in my studio fairly evenly between 10 envelopes, sent them out to 10 mailart friends. I asked them to send me 1-2 4″ x 4″ collages made with the contents and nothing else. I created a booklet from the results with the contents of one of the envelopes is pictured on the cover.

One of the participants got really inspired by the project and created a series of her own “mystery envelope” projects. You can read about them and view all the eye candy on her blog.

ATCs for 2010

My go go inspired minidress celebrates the Olympic values of peace, optimism, fun and fair play. It references several 1960’s designers, most notably Andy Warhol’s paper Cambell’s Soup dress, Paco Rabanne’s chain mail like pieced garments, Peter Max’s graphic illustrations, and Yves St. Laurent’s Mondrian dress (albeit in a fractured way). It’s too bad that you can’t see it in a static picture, but the individual cards shimmy and move independently. It’s a really great, unplanned effect – very go go!

The dress is made up of Artist Trading Cards. It will be displayed as part of the Port Moody Wearable Art Awards in the Olympic category. After the show, it will be dismantled and the individual cards will be traded.

I will likely do some more exploration of this theme.

Autumn in Kansai

A journal in the form of a kimono that chronicles a trip I took to Japan several years ago. I returned from that trip with my brain overflowing with the visual imagery. I needed a way to release and store all those memories (somewhat like the pensieve that characters use in the world of Harry Potter). Each of the 14 panels that make up the kimono has a fully developed backstory associated with it about the beautiful, the bizarre, the mundane and the extraordinary things that I witnessed during one short week during the autumn in the Kansai region of Japan (specifically in the cities of Kyoto and Osaka).

I have been meaning to finish and exhibit Autumn in Kansai for quite a few years, but it never quite gets done. In 2010 the Port Moody Wearable Arts show has a category called “Mantel”. It is for robes and kimono like garments that tell a story. It seems that it is fated that this will be the year that my kimono is finished.

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